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Fifty-Two Years

I’m a numbers guy so it struck me as newsworthy when two events this week were reported using the same number – 52 years. One was a happy story, at least for fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers. For the first … Continue reading

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War is Hell (Poland Trip – Part V – More History)

I’ve been rather busy lately, but my brother-in-law sent some additional information which I have copied and pasted here (Thanks, David). I think he got most of this information from his own research and a visit with his father to … Continue reading

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Stalin Probably Saved My Father-In-Law’s Life (Poland Trip – Part IV – More Impressions)

This realization from my Poland trip came as a bit of a surprise. I had all the information before my travels – my father-in-law’s recollections & my knowledge of Polish history from September 1939 to June 1941 – but it … Continue reading

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Darkened Windows – A Short Story

Considering the stakes, it’s surprising that no one seemed to understand the implications of the legal campaign. The seeds were sown in the unexpectedly strong American response to the “Reclaim Our Glory” presidential slogan. The idea of turning back the … Continue reading

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Stolen Jewish Property and Warsaw (Poland Trip – Part III – Impressions)

When my wife and I travel, I am acutely aware that I look like a tourist. My clothing and other aspects of my general appearance make that obvious, even before I attempt to speak phases in a language other than … Continue reading

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The U.S. and Hitler (Poland Trip – Part II – Impression)

This is Part II of my Poland series based on our recent trip. Part I consisted of some early to mid-twentieth century history which helps as background for my impressions. # 1: The United States played a larger role in … Continue reading

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A Simple Candidate for a Simple Electorate

Donald Trump has a simple plan. He often says so, including this quote following his Indiana primary win. “Our theme is very simple. Make America great again. We will make America great again. We will start winning again.” Many Americans … Continue reading

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