Hoarding Health

Following a Covid-19 exchange on our neighborhood’s NEXTDOOR site, I found myself viewing the right-wing source material referenced by the neighbor. I also read up on more disinformation in an NPR story about a YouTube video called Plandemic.

That got me wondering. Why would people spread this kind of propaganda guaranteed to harm those who take the bait and act on their newfound convictions? Of course, in a pandemic, many who don’t believe the disinformation will also be harmed.

One reason is obvious – money. These conspiracy theory videos that suggest drinking bleach or present made-up evidence that Covid-19 isn’t bad will make their producers money. There’s also the possibility that some of this content comes from Russian or other state actors with the goal of weakening the United States.

There’s another incentive, I think. Just as some people hoarded toilet paper, there may be some hoarding health.

It’s a weird phrase, but here’s a how-to guide.

  1. Workers have to get back on the job to restart the economy.
  2. Get people back to work:
    • convince enough of them that the media and/or democrats are lying,
    • pressure state and local leaders to expand economic activity,
    • foment revolt in states and municipalities in which leaders are resisting a return to “normal.”
  3. Use conspiracy theorist sites and Fox News to reinforce the message that the economy is more important than a few people’s lives:
    • Cite bogus studies about more people committing suicide than will die from the virus, or
    • make up extremely low mortality rates – I saw 0.0087% this week!
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY to hoard health:
  5. Stay safe yourself and wait for herd immunity to take hold – 60% infected is usually good, but SARS-CoV-2 is new so perhaps shoot for 75%.

Then come out and resume your life. The faster you convince people to go out and infect themselves, the sooner you can be free.

In the meantime, if you are a person of means, your investments will grow as the economy restarts, so you’re able to stay safely inside your primary or vacation home and make money while you wait.

It’s brilliant, really. In essence, you’re a military leader who stays in the command headquarters while sending out the troops to make the world safe again for yourself and the other privileged uninfected.

That’s how you can hoard health, and don’t forget to start your memoirs while you’re waiting for it all to work out – work out for you, that is. #HoardingHealth

About tonyj126

I'm a 50+ married man who always seems to have a large backlog of work to do, but also a lot of flexibility in my schedule. Much of the work I do is volunteer or taking care of extended family members. I suffer from, as my priest calls it, "the sin of self-sufficiency," which means I can figure out how to do most things myself, and consequently, reduce the need for community to solve problems. As a logical extention (at least to me), I find myself called to comtemplate the country's and the world's woes and offer my observations. I hope someone out there will find them useful.
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